Engineering and Product Development Services 
At ForeThought Development we know first hand how difficult it can be to find qualified personnel to meet our fluctuating research and design needs. We have repeatedly faced this challenge and have developed effective solutions that we wish to share with you. ForeThought Development is an organization of highly motivated and experienced engineering professionals with close ties to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Our areas of expertise lie primarily in the fields of electronic hardware and computer software development, mechanical engineering, physics, and rehabilitation medicine. ForeThought Development provides high quality services at a rate comparable to what it would cost to hire your own engineering specialist without incurring the long term expense and commitment. Because a substantial amount of our work involves research, we are often able to offer innovative solutions to meet today's growing challenges in the product development process.

Consider ForeThought Development as an extension of your in-house engineering department:

Areas of Experience

Melding State-of-the-Art Hardware and Software Design Techniques to Realize Your Product

Take a look at the Videotact, one of our products designed from conception.

Hardware Development

Software Development

Product Packaging


Printed Circuit Board Layout and Fabrication

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